National Apology Ballot

Great Hall seats and travel assistance will be allocated by a national ballot. This allows people from around Australia to attend, and is necessary because seating is limited in the Great Hall in Parliament House. Up to 400 seats in the Great Hall will be available through the ballot.


The ballot is for use by survivors and those people personally affected by institutional child sexual abuse, including victims' families. The aim is to ensure as many survivors and victims' families as possible can attend the National Apology.

We recognise that attending the Apology will be important for many survivors, families and supporters. However, Great Hall seating and travel assistance for accompanying family members and support people will depend on demand. Additional seating will be made available on the lawns outside Parliament House (Federation Mall).

Travel assistance

Through the ballot, the government will provide financial assistance associated with survivors' attendance, including transport and accommodation. The assistance will vary depending on the distance travelled (which state or territory you live in). If you are successful in the ballot and request assistance, you will be contacted about your travel needs.

Entering the ballot

To enter the ballot, please complete and submit the following form by midnight on Tuesday 25 September 2018. If you require assistance completing the form or wish to complete it over the phone, please call the National Apology Information Line on 1800 604 604.

Ballot outcomes

People who are selected in the ballot will be notified by Friday 28 September 2018.

If you are not successful in the ballot you will be contacted with alternative options for participating in the Apology, such as viewing locations in your state or territory, or arrangements for seating on the lawns at Parliament House (Federation Mall).